This ball is open to everyone. We would love to show you what our in person ball is like so join us for a night of fun online. Each year we raise $15,000-$20,000 at our in person ball. We use these funds to help give foster children the Christmas they deserve and also create awareness of Lily’s story and child abuse. With not having our biggest fundraising event in person we are hoping going virtual will help us raise as much money as possible to help as many children as possible.

We will have opportunities to win swag bags, Lily ball tickets for next year, an exclusive Justice for Lily shirt, hear Lily’s story and hear her Uncle DoDo sing. We want this to be as close as possible to the real deal and available for Lily supporters around the world. So share away and help us make sure we are able to continue our efforts this holiday season.

Thank you for your continued support! God Bless!