A year ago today I spent the morning with my beautiful daughter and family at the waterpark at Splash Village. As the kids started getting tired we loaded them in the car. A few members of my family and Lily and I went to Bronners. As Lily and I shared a love of Christmas I wanted to show her the biggest Christmas store. She loved it. She got her picutre taken with the giant Santa. She loved looking at all the decorations. While we walked around the store she fell asleep in my arms. If you have ever been to Bronners we were like all the way in the back so I was carrying our basket and Lily back to check out. She picked out ornaments for her Ama and Great Grandma. I loaded her in the car and we headed home. I can remember looking at her and no matter how much my arms were getting tired being so happy to be in that moment with her. That was a perfect day.