A year ago today was the last time that I saw my baby girl. As my family and friends gathered around and filled her casket with candy, toys, books, blankets and everything that meant something to give to her. She was dressed in her Christmas dress, with a santa hat and princess crown. She had my cross necklace around her neck and ring on her finger. She was so beautiful. She even had tons of “lippies” with her. My family and friends surrounded the casket and placed their hand on the lid to close it all together. That was the last time that I saw my baby girl. It’s not something a mother is supposed to do. We headed over the the church and listened to Father Aaron give the best funeral service ever. As he spoke words that would forever remain in my head. “You have a purpose to save other children.” and “God did not do this…EVIL did this” while looking in someone’s general direction. God knows what happened to my baby girl and we will get her justice. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for every Lily supporter because without you and our faith we would not be able to get through this past year. Love you baby girl to infinity and beyond and I will never stop fighting for you! xoxo