A year ago today was a perfect day. Lily and I went to Walmart and picked out a toy to donate to Toys for Tots. When we left the store the Marines were standing outside with the box. She proudly put her toy in the box and shook his hand. She had the biggest smile on her face. We went home and decorated her tree and got her dressed up to take her Christmas pictures. Then went over to great grandma’s house. She took more pictures in her beautiful dress under grandmas tree. We came home and sat on the couch with mom and dad watching Toys Berry. (Toy Story 3). As everyone went off to bed Lily and I layed on the couch and finished the movie. She fell asleep laying on me and I can remember thinking how lucky I was to have such a perfect daughter. We went to bed and I woke up to check on her. She was holding my dolphin pet and I just layed there watching her so peaceful. Who would have known that the next day everything would change? Who would have known the next day my world would shatter? That the dress she wore in her final Christmas pictures was the same dress she would be buried in? Its not fair. I love you Lily to infinity and beyond ALWAYS! xoxo