My precious Little Lil

I have always said how you are my angel and that will never change. You are just watching over us now. I wish I could get one more biggest kiss ever. I wish we could fight over which cheek is who’s (Do Do’s or Mommy’s). Fighting with papa that you are Mama’s girl. Watching Glee over and over again. Or watching Toys Berry and talking about how mommy cries every time. We shared a love of music. I couldn’t sing but you thought I could. I loved dancing to “you’ll be in my heart” and all of Do Do’s songs on his CD. Or just sitting back and watching you dance to Low, Single Ladies, or Party in the USA. Listening to you sing any glee song, Paparazzi, Barney, Kokomo or Billionaire. You would always laugh when they would say “I like your beard.” Or yell at people during “Lake a Prayer” telling them to do praying hands. You were the one person everyone listened to. You were already a Chippewa. “Fire up Chips!” Every day was perfect. You made my life perfect. One of my favorites was the beach. I got to take my baby girl to the ocean. You didn’t want to leave. We played for hours and it was so peaceful. I know that is what heaven is like. I know you are there waiting for me. You had so much faith in God. I remember last Christmas, the Mann’s family had to stop you while running down the isle saying “Happy Birthday Jesus.” Now you get to spend his birthday with him this year. I am so proud of you for everything you did. Your love for your family was amazing. I am trying to take care of all your friends and cousins by telling them you are with them. But I need you to hold their hand. To help them understand that you are in a better place joyfully awaiting the day we are all together again. you had so much compassion and love for life and everyone knew that. I wish we would have had more time. But you need to know that you made this the best 2 years 6 months and 6 days of my life. I am sure you are up there stealing Papa’s cake. I am so sorry that I could not protect you. I told you I would never let anything happen to you. I should have been there to save you. But know I will always fight for you. So one last time I will sing our song. “Lily close your eyes mothers right here beside, I’ll protect you from harm, you will wake in my arms. Precious angels are near. Lily have no fear. Precious angels are near. Little child I am here.” I just wanted to say if you have children hold them tight. Don’t let them go. Cherish every moment. Always tell them you love them. Lily you are still my world. I love you more than anything, you are my everything! So until I can be with you, I will always love you to infinity and beyond!