As I sat by the tv patiently waiting for a guilty verdict of Casey Anthony, I was so nervous.  I know Caylee is in heaven with my baby girl.  I know they are best friends up there.  I see so much of Lily in Caylee.  Their eyes, their outgoing personalities, their fullness of life.  I think thats what made this case so hard.  Even though it is a completely different case than Lily’s, it really isnt.  Caylee and Lily are gone.  They were taken from this world by the hands of someone else.  As they read the verdict all I could do was sob.  Three years and no Justice for Caylee.  Its not right that the justice for these babies lies in the hands of 12 people.  It scares me that the justice of MY daughter lies in 12 sets of hands that never knew my daughter, never saw the life she lived, never saw her passion for God, never saw her sing and dance, never saw her give the biggest kiss ever.  The people that will be on her jury dont know how much Lily meant to the people she met.  Lily was and still is my world.  How do you go on when one day you have all these hopes and dreams for your future, and the next there is nothing.  These people take away all these hopes and dreams and need to sit in prision and think everyday about what they did.  Think about it, Caylee has been gone for three years.  She would be 5.  She had 70 more years easily.  I think when a person takes a childs life they needs to serve not only the childs lifetime, but every lifetime that was taken when they decided their life was more important than the childs.  So whoever murdered my daughter should serve Lily’s lifetime, my lifetime, my moms, my dads, my brothers, and all the rest of her family and friends. Today I didnt even want to watch the sentencing.  4 years at most.  Come on justice system.  There is no justice in the system.  Change your name.  I dont think I have seen a case that has been a justice case.  Where the court did the right thing.  I am sick of it failing. Im so sorry Caylee that you did not get your justice.  We have to remember that God is the final judge.  And no one can hide the truth from him.  Lily, I have complete confidence in Ms. Tobin and the Macomb County Prosecuters Office.  They will get you justice.  Its so hard.  A lady on tv made a point.  Caylee’s justice was not only for her but every child who was hurt or murdered.  To me, she was hope.  Hope that the justice system could do the correct thing for once.  That hope obviously was let down yet again.  But we will not give up hope because Lily’s justice can also be justice for Caylee.  To slap the justice system in the face and do what is right for all these children.  To most importantly get my daughter justice.  I love you Lily to infinity and beyond.  I know you are playing with Caylee.  We will get both of you girls justice and we will fight forever to do that.  I love you!
By: Lauren Furneaux